These are strange times we are living in. First quarter of 2020 hit us hard with this global pandemic; entire industries shuttered for the foreseeable future and my 

business model all but vanished overnight. We are finding ourselves inside a new 

normal, that is anything but, and while ethically responsible social-distancing may

keep our in-person dalliances on hold; our basic human needs for connection and intimacy (and meme sharing!) haven't changed in the wake of global quarantines.

In fact If anything, they're more needed now than ever. 

Adding myself to a long list of my friends moving our flirtations online to platforms like OnlyFans and offering virtual dating options; Here are the packages I offer for you and I to build rapport or maintain connection while the world burns around us:


flirting, connecting, catching up, photos, memes! maybe a game of war?

traditional texting or encrypted apps 


$600 / week

phone chats

previously established clients or 1 week of texting subscription required 


30 minutes - 1 for $500, 3 for $1200

60 minutes - 1 for $800, 3 for $2000

video calls

previously established clients or 1 week of texting + 1 phone call required 


30 minutes - 1 for $700, 3 for $1900

60 minutes - 1 for $1000, 3 for $2600




for once "Love In The Time Of Corona ends, and we can finally touch and be touched again! 


$1500 ------------ HELLO /  1 HOURS

$2000 ------------ CONNECTION / 2 HOURS

$2500 ------------ COCKTAILS / 3 HOURS

$3000 ------------ DINNER / 5 HOURS

$4000 ------------ DINNER & SHOW / 7 HOURS

$1000 ------------  IN-DATE EXTENSION, PER HOUR




$5000 ------------ DAY/NIGHT OUT /  9 HOURS

$6000 ------------ OVERNIGHT / 15 HOURS

$7000 ------------ ONE FULL DAY / 24 HOURS

$8500 ------------ A LITTEL MORE / 36 HOURS

$10,000 ------------  WEEKEND / 48 HOURS

$3000 ------------  EACH ADDITIONAL DAY



Hungry for a distraction one afternoon, or perhaps you'd like for me to join you on your next business trip? Maybe you’ve a real regular ‘Emmanuel de Brantes’ jet-setter, traveling widely and often, and seek an intrepid traveling companion to share in the experience. Or perhaps you're simply in need of some encouragement to take that long needed vacation you’ve more than earned. I travel light, am passport-ready and have a propensity for skipping town; perfectly contented hopping flights to any four corners of the world to come focus my energy on you and only you.

I offer bespoke non-negotiable travel packages based on the location, duration and proposed itinerary. Let's curate the perfect visit or trip!


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