All dates 3+ hours require some public time outside of the bedroom. I do not use the term 'companion' superficially, those who choose to spend time with me should be interested in more than a quick roll in the hay. Let's have dinner, see a performance, attend a ballgame, flirt over drinks. If you have privacy or celebrity concerns, we can discuss other options. 


I'm most attracted to men who are well prepared and plan in advance. Last-minute bookings are near impossible, if for no other reason than the sheer amount of hours it takes to prepare for our date: screening/deposit/preparation/hotel-reservations/Manhattan traffic! But it never hurts to ask.

add $500 for same-day bookings.



This can be a little nerve racking, so I understand any trepidation. You have my word that I will honor your privacy and personal information.

I ask for what I feel is the bare minimum of info needed to safely spend intimate time with a complete stranger. My screening requirements are pretty  standard in the industry and comparable to those of my colleagues. I of course respect your desire for a certain amount of anonymity, however verification is non-negotiable. If you do not understand this, then please do not contact me.


Accepting a date with you means I potentially decline other

opportunities. Asking for a deposit makes me feel more comfortable planning our adventures together; I can relax knowing the formalities have been taken care of in advance. I won't reserve time off my calendar 

until I've received your deposit.

 25% Deposit to confirm regular bookings 

 50% Deposit to confirm travel plans

For over 11 years I have worked hard to build my pristine reputation,  which is worth far more than the damage it would cause absconding with a small lump of cash. I wouldn't be a 'reputable companion' otherwise. That's an oxymoron. 


I understand emergencies happen sometimes. With proper cancellation notice I'll hold deposit (minus any incured fees unable to retrieve back) for a future romp booked within 6 months. 48 hours or less notice to cancel - you forfeit your full deposit. Cancelling a travel date - less than 72 hours advance of my departure and I will retain 25% of deposit and hold the rest for 90 days to rebook our plans. 

In the incredibly rare event that I would need to cancel our plans, after sheepish apologies...your deposit is fully refundable or I can also hold  onto it for a rain-check, and likely offer some additional time off the clock to our next engagement, like meeting for cocktails.


I primarily offer outcalls to you at your upscale hotel, but if you would like for me to secure a private space where we can meet, that is no hassle at all. $300 location fee to help cover cost of room (NYC, DC, LA, SFO, BOS) $200 location fee everywhere else. Outcalls will have a booking minimum plus travel stipend based on area or travel distance from me. For comfort and safety reasons initial meetings are not available at private residences.


I have a zero-review policy because I'm a private lady. When I made the conscious decision to de-list dozens of praising reviews from all review boards several years ago, it was to maintain autonomy. Something as personal and subjective as physical beauty + sexual preferences -  is so largely varied person to person, and certainly can't be graded on a scale. How arbitrary.  My sexual appetite and the devious things we might do to one another in private...I'd rather keep those juicy details between just you and I. 

Thank you for honoring my privacy. 


Whomever said "less is more" had the right idea when it comes to interior design, but obviously knew nothing about fantasy or corporeal pleasure; I  for one am of the opinion that 'more is more". My friends and I love to play together and would be tickled pink by the opportunity for you to join us. I only offer duos and travel duos with companions I know personally...you can see list of my partners here. Inquire for rates.

Couples are fun. I love couples. The opportunity to join the dynamic of playful couples in their love-life is always an privilege. While surprise birthday celebrations can be fun, surprise play-parties are nothing but a recipe for disaster. I require consent from both you and your lover prior to meeting. I recommend a  3-hour booking minimum, anything less is too rushed to properly curate a relaxed and luscious experience, especially for couples new to group play. 

Couples, add 1000 to honorarium.


Does this really need to be addressed? Please be a gentleman. Well groomed, minty-fresh and with clean short nails is how you should appear on the daily irregardless if you've got a hot date later. If we are lucky enough to wakeup next to one another the following morning, and you roll over to try to kiss me or initiate play prior to brushing your teeth....good god, no sir! were you raised by wolves?!!

Being a conscientious lover, makes me an effusive one.



​the Bespoke Travel Package Rates differ from my regular honorarium in that they already include my travel fees; covering flights, car service to/from airports, visiting country visas…et el.

I book all my own travel accommodations. Should an additional travel stipend be needed, I will discuss with you in advance. Generally speaking, we will leave and arrive separately, making the moment we connect in our destination the beginning of our time together. 


​Unless you rattle the windows with your snoring or fitful flailing or some other egregious sleeping habit; I prefer to be bedfellows with you on all our travel dates. I make an excellent little-spoon and also look especially darling in the morning with no makeup. 

When traveling together someplace with an excessive time-change, I do appreciate my own hotel room adjacent to yours to acclimate and get solid night sleep the first day or two of a trip​…because during waking hours I'd rather be spending my time with you bright eyed and bushy tailed.



...except, for me. I do need rest.

On overnights and extended travel - this luscious body which you love to adore so much needs no less than 7 hours uninterrupted sleep at night. Lest I do not function the following day. To the note of functioning: a cup of french press first thing in morning, thanks. And lastly, on multiple day trips together I ask that we both take a few hours alone to ourselves each daily.


This is my way of saying thank you, for taking me to the far corners of the earth. My Travel Destination Wishlistpage has my top bucket list locations lined up for your consideration. For the adventurous guy who seeks a few more chops and the lady to do it with; I am literally happy to offer a gently more attractive financial package option to you.

The perk: depending on our itinerary and destination (some more than others) a 10-20% reduction in my travel rates.


You know what they say, cash is king. ​

Deposits I prefer mailed in cash to my UPS business address, guised as a Gift and expedited to me. In an ever cashless changing world; Crypto payments are encouraged and other electronic options can sometimes be discussed as well.


All deposits for travel bookings must clear no less than 72 hours prior to our departure. If you really want to endear yourself to me, on multiple-day engagements I have a fetish for receiving one-day's payment in the form of a gold bullion. The gesture is my favourite kind of extravagant and of course optional, but you'll never have seen a woman shriek in delight and drop panties faster.


This is a lifestyle.

While not suited for everyone, a benefactor arrangement is perfect for some and ideal for me. Frankly I prefer it. I'm sensitive to nuance and find I'm at my best when I can devote my attention and affections and energies with only one or a select few. 

Maybe you're too busy for traditional dating? Or maybe time isn't the issue...maybe the hot-blooded man in you is craving something deeper, lustier; a more fulfilling connection and you simply want me all to yourself. You can be greedy, I don't mind. This type of relationship is all the benefits of having a girlfriend...minus the drama, and where the only long-term commitment is a financial one. 

In the semi-exclusive scenario I'll take a considerable step back from the world of companionship, making you a top priority. While in the exclusive monthly optionmy website comes down and i retire; giving me the time to explore and curate a relationship that is fun, exciting and uncomplicated; one which meets your needs, and mine. 

I'm flexible to discuss the financial terms of the arrangement, though it's important to note that while gifts are nice surprises indeed, the fact is, high heels and Celine bags do not finance business ventures or cushion nest eggs.  Investing in me and being proud of my achievements...means being proud of your own years later. 

I will only consider a long-term arrangement with someone whom I have chemistry and a playful rapport with; so if we haven't yet already...let's make dinner plans to chat soon.  

3-month commitment is required.

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