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You and are I are the types drawn to the exceptional and the unconventional, drawn to people and places and the things that allow us to get lost in experience. You may not know me yet, but you spin worlds where I exist…where we will exist together .

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I am most fond of...

crisp bedsheets across bare skin

rooms lit by candlelight

raw local honey

midnight skinny dipping

secluded beaches

natural hot springs

the speed & cadence of new cities

slurping oysters

 effervescent cocktails

the soft crackle + hiss of vinyl records

paper wrapped peony bouquets

wax sealed envelopes

dinner parties and summer soirees

brown paper + twine wrapped gifts

analog photo booths

art collecting

deep soak tubs with a lover

my head in the crook of his neck

well-tailored suits

confident men

enchanting women

a good wink

easy laughter

remote villas

being barefoot

vintage watches with leather bands

farm to table cuisines

European train rides

drizzly strolls in foreign cities

sailboats, yawls and yachts

Korean bath houses 

conversations late into the night

an expertly packed suitcase

the mile high club


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