Updated March 01, 2021.

For the entirety of 2020 I relocated to a quiet part of North Carolina, where I keep a home, to avoid the stress of living in one of the most densely populated cities in the world during the pandemic.10/10 recommend a country home, but I have to admit; I miss Manhattan in ways I can hardly put into words. I miss travel bookings, culinary adventures, and sumptuous little pleasures like hand holding, flirting across candlelight and

bespoke hotel bed linens on bare skin.

I am happy to announce that after nearly a year of hiatus and strict self-isolation, I am now available for a limited amount of dates. I will remain in the Carolinas, however will be available by advance appointment in New York and Worldwide by travel booking. For staycation inspiration see the new list I created of remote + distancing date ideas.

Moving forward it is my preference to see a very select number of clients, as this feels most safe for me and in the direction I wish to take my career; and so for these reasons I am only accepting longer extended bookings during the Winter and as always, retainers/arrangements are strongly preferred.


As is true with most event planning in 2020/2021, please understand that all inquiries are subject to fluctuating changes in the news. Extended booking minimums are currently required because I am trying to lessen my exposure to the Virus, not increase it. My regular screening and deposit procedures apply, as well as new protocols and explicit pre-date

discussions around risk and health. Please get in touch via the contact form and let's set some plans in motion.


xx - Jocelyn

Over the coming months, and likely years to come, the logical framework for safer socializing and playdates during Coronavirus is one of harm reduction; which is nothing new in sex work when it comes to risk assessment and disease control. I have been strictly adhering to social distancing and all recommended protocols since March and I hope you have been as well. Now that I am accepting bookings again; below are the precautions and best practices I am instituting to protect the health of myself, my community and my clients. 

I will be adding Covid-19 testing to my regularly scheduled health check-ups. I recommend my clients also get tested bi-monthly.