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Arrangements are not suited to everyone, but for some they are ideal. I prefer this style of dating because my craft is centered in authentic connection and real connection and chemistry takes time. There is a reason my base rates start with the 5-hour minimum; I dislike shorter dalliances because I dislike being left wanting more. Arrangements create the narrative of "more". The playful moments, bare skin and dialogue doesn't just end...we get to pick it back up a few days later, the next week, and the week after.


I am a businesswoman with big scale ambitions currently working on endeavors outside of this industry. Long term arrangements offer me a certain level of income-security, which affords me the freedom to focus more of my energy into my other projects I am building on, and on you! Investing in me, so I can invest in myself…that's a panty-dropper move! You keep me safe, and I'll keep you wild.

Before you reach out to begin setting plans in motion, please familiarize yourself with all the information on my website as well as the FAQ page. 

If booking forms aren't your thing, you can send the same pre-screenig details via email to: