Thank you for 15 years of connection and memories. I still pinch myself sometimes thinking of all the ways this career has afforded me to flourish. What a gift it has been getting to meet so many men and women around the world, then creating our own narratives around intimacy and holding space together. My career in sex work taught me a lot about autonomy, about womanhood, and about desire and ultimately a lot about who I am as a creative. Through sex work I learned the grit required to be a businesswoman, the heartbreak involved in entrepreneurship and how richly investing in oneself pays off. In recent years the most important takeaway, was how to shift with ease and  knowing when to walk away. So here I am, at the height of my career, hanging it up. I am taking these lessons with me into a whole new direction of my life, moving abroad, starting a new venture and embracing a lifestyle of slow living and minimalism. 

At this time my website is locked and only available to established clients who have sent deposit for their final dates during my last weeks of of escorting. Admirers who want to wish me well and have sent a retirement gift of at least $100 may also receive the password to access my full website, interview and archived portfolios.